Tuesday’s news links – Nov. 23, 2021


Starbucks Baristas Union Effort Expands From New York to Arizona Bloomberg

Kroger workers are America’s latest to vote for a strike FastCompany

350 janitors to launch strike at Denver International Airport

14,000 Kroger workers in Houston could go on strike before Thanksgiving

Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf Middle East Monitor

Corrupting Science: in Syria probe, OPCW erased experts’ inconvenient findings The Grayzone

70 Prominent Writers Support Sally Rooney’s Decision to Refuse Publication in Israel

U.S. war buildup

Arc of encirclement appearing around Russia Asia Times

Crowded Skies And Turbulent Seas: Assessing The Full Scope Of NATO-Russian Military Incidents War on the Rocks

Amid tensions with Russia, White House scrutinizes military exercises in Europe Washington Post

A new deal and a major operation show how the US military is bulking up in a tense corner of Europe Insider

Ukrainian Troops Have Been Firing American-Made Javelin Missiles At Russian-Backed Forces The Drive

US considering sending extra weaponry to Ukraine CNN

Russia accuses west of building up forces on its borders Guardian


Five Reasons the Left Won in Venezuela Common Dreams

Indigenous Peoples

Canadian Police Arrest Indigenous Opponents of Gas Pipeline and 2 Journalists Covering It DeSmog

Land Back: Returning U.S. Federal Lands to Tribal Sovereignty Decolonial Atlas

The impressive Mayan Pyramid in Tikal.

The Maya built the Western Hemisphere’s first water filtration system Science

Richard Lewontin, dialectical materialism, the relationship between evolutionary biology and Marxism MR Online

Why All The Anti-Trans Arguments Are Bogus Current Affairs

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