Friday’s news links – Nov. 19, 2021

Pennsylvania teen had his hands up when fatally shot by State Police, new videos show NBC

NYC Schools Bought Weaker Air Purifiers. Now Underventilated Campuses Are More Prone To COVID Cases Gothamist

Malcolm X

‘Fundamental justice:’ Judge clears 2 in Malcolm X slaying ABC

 J. Edgar Hoover hid that some witnesses to Malcolm X’s murder were F.B.I. informants. NYTimes

Indigenous Peoples

Arrests reported as RCMP move to clear Wet’suwet’en pipeline resistance in B.C. for 3rd time CBC News


Wyndham Philadelphia hotel workers protest ahead of contract negotiations

Unions Blast Abusive Conditions In The Gaming Industry The Gamer

John Deere workers approve contract, ending 5-week strike Peoples Dispatch

Following John Deere contract ratification, Des Moines UAW bargaining chair dies of COVID-19 Des Moines Register


Cuban FM tells AP that fizzled protest effort was US failure AP

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez spoke two days after no Cubans turned out for demonstrations and a few hours after it was revealed that one of the main organizers, playwright Yunior García, had gone to Spain. …

The foreign minister said Cuba’s government had no involvement in García’s departure.

“I guess he is exercising the right that any Cuban has to travel and move freely. There is no martyr capacity in those who organize this kind of farce and failed operations under instructions and funding from the U.S. government,” Rodríguez said.


The Situation in this Sunday’s Elections in Chile Resumen


3,000 flip-flops placed in National Mall in protest of U.S. funding Philippine military UPI


A note on Present situation of covid19 in China and their strategy of combating Dr S Jatin Kumar

There are many news channels both domestic and foreign who propagate that China is facing a lot of trouble due to hike in corona pandemic recently. Most of them do not understand the strategy of China. The reports in Global Times CN also use the words “out break” , “resurgence of covid” etc., but their concept is totally different from what we or the west understand by those words. Even if a thousand die here we describe “the situation is under control” But the Chinese are following ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

U.S. war buildup

Pentagon Quietly Puts More Troops in Taiwan Foreign Policy

US Army Special Forces are shifting their focus to fighting China or Russia, and they’re already practicing for it in Hawaii Insider

Biden says U.S. “considering” diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics Axios

U.S. Blacklists Strategic Culture Foundation in Attack on Independent Journalism and Political Dissent Finian Cunningham

U.S. military training in Mexico increased as human rights waned, new database reveals The Intercept

Frozen Deutschland Pepe Escobar

Translation: gas from Nord Stream 2 will be absent during the coming winter in Europe and the pipeline, at best, might start running only by mid-2022. … The European energy executive did not mince his words on a quite possible scenario: “If Germany does not obtain their oil and natural gas by land now they cannot fashion a fall back position, as there is not sufficient LNG capacity or oil for that matter to supply the EU this winter. They are going to freeze. Much of their economy will be forced to shut down. Unemployment will soar. It would take four years to build up LNG capacity for natural gas but who will build it for them?”

Taiwan opens Lithuania representative office using its own name Yahoo

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