Monday’s news links – Nov. 15, 2021

The War on Cuba — Episode 5 Belly of The Beast / YouTube

On July 11, unprecedented protests erupted across Cuba. Most media organizations portrayed the demonstrations as a cry for freedom against Communism. But the reality was far more complex. Journalist Liz Oliva Fernández explores the root causes of the devastating economic crisis that has pushed Cuba to the brink. She takes the viewer to Cuba’s working class neighborhoods, where we see the impact of ever-intensifying U.S. sanctions during the COVID pandemic and the near fulfillment of a 1960 State Department memo justifying the purpose of the U.S. embargo: “[to deny] money and supplies…to decrease…wages, to bring about hunger, desperation, and overthrow of government.”


Victory for Palestinian hunger striker after 113 days without food Electronic Intifada


Maduro: we neutralized the terrorist attack against the CNE by police intelligence


Guatemala: Indigenous Peoples, Peasants and Social Sectors Go On Plurinational Strike for the Constituent Assembly Process Internationalist 360°

The Big Business of Future Wars Daily Poster

War buildup?

EU to broaden Belarus sanctions on Monday Reuters

UK must be ready for war with Russia, says armed forces chief Guardian

Hundreds of UK troops reportedly ready to deploy at Ukraine border NY Post

What Does Inflation Mean for American Businesses? For Some, Bigger Profits WSJ


Fusion Breakthrough: At the Brink of Fusion Ignition at National Ignition Facility SciTechDaily

Can Nuclear Fusion Put the Brakes on Climate Change? New Yorker

Can we use big batteries to power our trains? ars Technica

Too Big to Sail: How a Legal Revolution Clogged Our Ports Matt Stoller

Today I’m writing about supply chain disruptions at the ports, and the Bill Clinton-era law that caused it.

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