Saturday’s news links – Nov. 13, 2021

The Bus Driver Strikes Mike Elk

After a long slump, more drivers are winning the right to collective bargaining. Now, the threat of privatization looms.

Kaiser nurses to hold 24-hour sympathy strike Nov. 19 in solidarity with Kaiser engineers National Nurses United

Now the GOP Is Coming for John Deere Workers Vice

Thousands of Deere workers have been on strike for weeks, and now the GOP is blaming them for endangering the nation’s food supply.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears Jamil Smith, Vox

The 18-year-old who shot three men at a protest took the stand and resorted to a tried-and-true strategy for white men in trouble.

SFSU President Overrules Her Own Faculty Panel Rabab Abdulhadi

As with this week’s criminalization of 6 legitimate Palestinian human rights organizations by the Israeli government, SFSU chose to follow the Zionist playbook of demonizing all actions in support of Palestinian liberation and teaching about Palestine as “terrorism” and “anti-Semitic”.


Revolutionary Front Seizes Haiti’s Largest Fuel Terminal as US Weighs Military Intervention MPN

US, Israel and Gulf Arab allies launch joint Red Sea drill Navy Times

How Taiwan Underwrites the US Defense Industrial Complex The Diplomat


Biden Demands Ethiopia’s Unconditional Surrender BAR

How science really works Morning Star

The vast majority of academic science — the practical work of doing experiments, analyzing data, writing papers — is done by workers on fixed-term contracts. Whether Covid-19 or climate models, most of the labor is performed by staff on temporary contracts that last often just two years.

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