Friday’s news links – Nov. 12, 2021

‘We Don’t Want Any More Black Pastors Here’: This Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial Defense Lawyer Has Lost His Mind NewsOne

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge’s off-color ‘Asian food’ joke draws more scrutiny onto courtroom comments The Independent

Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Just Lie Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Most millionaires could get tax cut under House Dems’ tax plan Politico

How Buffalo News Helped Keep a Socialist out of City Hall FAIR

‘We’ll Never Be in This Position Again’: Striking Deere Workers Hold Out for Better Deal Labor Notes

Cargill Union Strike Plan Imperils 40% of Canada Beef Supply Bloomberg

Climate change

World’s militaries avoiding scrutiny over emissions, scientists say Guardian

Does anyone ask if big, fat defense budget hikes are ‘paid for’? Responsible Statecraft

Fast food prices keep going up at a record pace and there’s no end in sight Insider


A Guide to the US Blockade on Cuba Hood Communist


Biden Signs Bill Calling for More Sanctions, Pressure on Nicaragua U.S. News


China’s Global Network of Vocational Colleges to Train the World The Diplomat

You can’t hide from your cat, so don’t even try Live Science

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