Sunday’s news links – Nov. 7, 2021

‘It’s a walkout!’ Inside the fast-food workers’ season of rebellion Washington Post

“We are all leaving,” his petition threatened, “and hope you find employees that want to work for $9.25 an hour.” A look at how the workers at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s quit en masse.

Tentative deal reached to end Mercy Hospital strike Buffalo News

The Second-Largest Strike in the U.S. Is Happening in New York City New York Mag

3,000 UAW members are on strike at Columbia University for the second time in 2021.

Hospital strike is Cabell County’s third in a month as Special Metals strike drags on WCHS TV

Steelworkers Local 3057 on strike after talks end abruptly with ArcelorMittal Mansfield Journal

Labor negotiations underway between Newport News Shipbuilding, union ahead of Nov. 14 expiration WVEC

What Created the American Crisis of Subminimum Pay?

Saru Jayaraman on the System’s Roots in Slavery

Mass rally in support of the Ethiopian government’s fight against TPLF insurgency in Addis Ababa Nov 6. @ebczena


Pro-government rallies continue for second day as mobilization against TPLF, shene intensifies Fana Broadcasting

American Journalist Bob Schlehuber Debunks Western Media Fake News On Ethiopia Fana Broadcasting

Some western media, among them, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC and Bloomberg are pushing lies and falsehoods about Ethiopia, he said, adding Addis Ababa and the environs are now peaceful and calm and the people are engaged in their day to day activities.

China’s investments helped Ethiopia become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The World [from a year ago]

Chinese investment has helped transform Ethiopia from one of the world’s poorest and most famine-prone countries to a model for the region of what’s possible

Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Media Lies and the War On China, with Daniel Dumbrill YouTube

Rania Khalek was joined by @Daniel Dumbrill, a political commentator on China-related issues who is based in Shenzhen, to speak about his experiences in Hong Kong, his recent trip to Xinjiang and how it relates to America’s new Cold War.

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