Saturday’s news links – Nov. 6, 2021

‘I’ll Blow Your Fucking Head Off’: Ahmaud Arbery Murdered in Cold Blood, Prosecutors Say Daily Beast

‘Complicated jury selection’ ends with ‘intentional discrimination’ at Ahmaud Arbery death trial: Only 1 Black person to hear case USA Today

Striking Alabama coal miners

Alabama judge orders stop to picketing at Warrior Met Coal

Striking Hospital Workers in Buffalo Reach Tentative Deal; Others in Healthcare Continue the Fight Labor Press

More than 30,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers prepare to strike Daily Bulletin

Thousands of Amazon workers in NYC want a union. Will they win? Yahoo News

John Deere Announces Possibility Of Using Strikebreakers And Overseas Options Labor411

Long term unemployed

Jobs Data Shows Something Big Changed in this Monstrously Overstimulated Economy Wolf Street

As jobs have struggled to bounce back, and remain well below pre-pandemic levels, the economy overall, as measured by real GDP, surpassed its pre-pandemic record in Q2 2021. Consumer spending surpassed its pre-pandemic record in Q1 2021. Private investment in buildings, equipment, and the like started setting new records in Q4 last year. Retail spending, which is part of consumer spending but doesn’t include services, has been blowing out every record all year.

But the number of people actually working to accomplish these feats is down by 4.7 million. Let that sink in for a moment.

Democrats’ Massive Tax Cut for the Wealthy TaxBytes

Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico students have declared an indefinite strike SmallCapNews


US to ‘Maintain Presence in Nicaragua After Election’, Support for Anti-FSLN Groups, Official Says Sputnik


Exclusive: Baby handed to U.S. soldiers in chaos of Afghanistan airlift still missing Reuters

U.S. war buildup

Pentagon bearing down on Biden to shelve nuclear reforms Politico

New Marvel film puts spotlight on Hollywood’s military ties Responsible Statecraft

The latest Marvel blockbuster “Eternals” is causing quite a stir for its problematic portrayal of the Hiroshima bombing and has reignited critiques of Marvel’s collaboration with the Pentagon, showing how military propaganda is entrenched in our pop culture. … Critics took issue with Marvel’s first gay black character being portrayed as a “war criminal”

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