Friday’s news links – Nov. 5, 2021

The nearly all-White jury trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s killing is itself an injustice Washington Post

‘Devastating’: Ahmaud Arbery’s family weighs in on almost entirely white jury Guardian

Striking Warrior Met coal miners arrested at protest in New York City Peoples Dispatch

Highly Paid Union Workers Give UPS a Surprise Win in Delivery Wars Bloomberg

The pandemic was hard for everyone — except maybe landlords Vox

Northern hemisphere lakes, Great Lakes warming fast Washington Post


Biden administration cutting Ethiopia from trade program over ‘gross violations’ of human rights TheHill

Ajamu Baraka on U.S. Ethiopian Policy Black Agenda Report

Right now, one of the West’s new villains, if you will, is the Ethiopian government. And so what we see in the Western world and the Western press, is a coordinated effort to criminalize and delegitimize the Ethiopian state in order to cripple or balkanize it, maybe even to provide the political will for a direct military intervention. Many of us believe that the objective is to overthrow the Ethiopian government, either directly or with a proxy like the TPLF. So we see distorted, very troubling coverage of this conflict that we know to be far more complex. It’s nothing but manipulation of the US population to create public support for more US aggression.


Blaming China for the climate crisis is shameful nonsense Carlos Martinez

The West has followed a Cold War agenda of demonising the world’s most populous country, when in fact it is China that emits less per-person than the US and many of its other critics, while leading the way in renewable energy, reforestation and electric vehicles.

China’s first clinic for transgender children and adolescents set up in Shanghai Global Times

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