Thursday’s news links – Nov. 4, 2021

The Hunger-Striking Taxi Drivers Won Curbed

Steelworkers Local 3057 on strike after talks end abruptly with ArcelorMittal Mansfield News Journal

Teamsters Go On Strike At Friendship Dairy

Wisconsin Imprisons Black People At A Higher Rate Than Any Other State, Study Finds Blavity

Judge throws out man’s guilty plea after bodycam footage reveals NYPD drug planting Yahoo News

Nicaragua Sets Up For Election Day despite International Hostilities Resumen


Colin Kaepernick, the Virginia Elections, and the Canary in the Coal Mine Dave Zirin

Democrats Dropped Medicare Dental and Vision Coverage From Their Social Spending Bill. Voters Say It’s Their Top Priority Morning Consult

Supply chain

Truckers tired of taking blame for congestion crisis at California ports Freight Waves

Silva and other trucking companies dispute the widely reported message that a driver shortage is largely to blame for the port congestion issues in California.

During a five-day trip to the major ports in California, FreightWaves interviewed multiple company executives who said they were actually shedding drivers because of the lack of consistent work due to port congestion bottlenecks, equipment and efficiency issues.

Port truckers told FreightWaves on Monday that the Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) website had been down since the previous day, so trucking companies weren’t able to obtain the vessel export receiving list. …

As terminal operators pushed for automation to reduce human interaction, a glitch in the system can render crane operators and truck drivers unable to move without further instructions, [Bill Aboudi, president of AB Trucking] said. ‘It’s the terminal operators that are not managing the workforce properly and don’t realize that they had a problem with a computer system until it’s too late,’ Aboudi told FreightWaves. ‘It’s often the longshoremen and the truck drivers that pay the price and are forced to sit because of the terminal operators’ mistakes.’


U.S. lawmakers approve bill to ratchet up pressure on Nicaragua’s Ortega Reuters

Will impose an economic blockade on Nicaragua as punishment for holding elections the Sandinistas are likely to win.


The pandemic’s true death toll: Our daily estimate of excess deaths around the world Economist

Although the official number of deaths caused by covid-19 is now 5m, our single best estimate is that the actual toll is 17.1m people.

Poverty in the pandemic Michael Roberts

The pandemic has been a disaster for India’s people, driving millions into deep poverty, while the Chinese people have mostly avoided a dip into poverty. Indeed, the Chinese economy has expanded the most among the major economies in the two years since end-2019 and the start of the pandemic – more than four times the expansion in the US and six times that of India. Indeed, most major economies contracted.


Abortive act of piracy: IRGC Navy foils US attempt to steal Iranian oil in Oman Sea PressTV


Washington is not telling the truth about US troops in Somalia Nick Turse

The White House is being cagey, but despite ‘withdrawal’ the military has been operating non-stop on the ground there for 20 years.


China Set Out to Expand Nuclear Triad Amid Fears US Would Strike Before 2020 Election, Report Says Sputnik

Amid publication in September of a new book about the final days of the Trump administration, it soon became apparent just how afraid military officials in both the US and China were that then-US President Donald Trump might attempt to stage an incident in the South China Sea that would bring the two countries into war and allow him to stay in power, either by hook or by crook.

How the CIA Trained Violent Tibetan Extremists To Stoke Unrest In China BT

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