Tuesday’s news links – Nov. 2, 2021

Buffalo Hospital Cuts Strikers’ Health Insurance After Talks Break Down Labor Press

Alabama judge orders stop to picketing at Warrior Met Coal AL.com

New Orleans shoeshine man wins legal battle over $30,000 seized by DEA agents NBC

Workers at Image Comics form a union: COMIC BOOK WORKERS UNITED

Alice Walker on the Fight to Free Assange and the Canceling of Zora Neal Hurston Counterpunch

Indigenous peoples

Dear President Biden: Release Leonard Peltier Last Real Indians


Facebook accused of censoring Sandinista media organisations ahead of Sunday’s election Morning Star


Reckless U.S. Provocations Over Taiwan Risk War with China BT

US media oddly quiet on nuke sub collision in South China Sea Asia Times


US ‘Justice’ Dismisses 7 of 8 Charges Against Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Orinoco Tribune

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