Friday’s news links – Oct. 29, 2021

Scranton: Teachers Will Go on Strike Diane Ravitch

Biden campaigned against Trump’s Mexico border policy. Now he’s relaunching it USA Today

Meet Skimpflation: A Reason Inflation Is Worse Than The Government Says It Is NPR

We’ve all heard about rising inflation. The price of stuff is going up. And, if you read this newsletter, you’ve heard of shrinkflation. That’s when the price of stuff stays the same, but the amount you get goes down.

COP-out 26 Michael Roberts

This weekend, COP26 meets in Glasgow, Scotland.  Every country in the world is supposed to be represented in meetings designed to achieve agreement on limiting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions so that the planet does not overheat and cause widespread damage to the environment, species and human livelihoods across the planet.

NYPD data shows nearly 50% of cops are unvaccinated in some precincts NY Daily News

Indigenous peoples

Native tribes have lost 99% of their land in the United States Science

Steven Donzinger

‘Every Turn in This Case Has Been Another Brick Wall, and Behind It Is Chevron’ FAIR

The USS Connecticut was damaged in a collision in the South China Sea. Photo: US Navy


US ships and planes conducted 2,000 spying missions aimed at China this year, says military analyst SCMP

Cuba and China Strengthen Ties through the Belt and Road Strategy Resumen

EVERYTHING You’ve Been Told About Food IS WRONG! Tim Spector

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