Thursday’s news links – Oct. 28, 2021

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Pennsylvania Superior Court rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal’s latest appeal KYW

Rents Spiked 10% to 25% in Half the Cities in October Wolf Street

Warrior Met Coal’s New PR Strategy: Smearing Striking Miners Kim Kelly

Statement by UAW Leadership on the Death of Member While Reporting to Picket at John Deere

Food apartheid is still harming communities of color — but it’s about more than fat and salt MIC

Indigenous peoples

‘Ignored for 70 years’: human rights group to investigate uranium contamination on Navajo Nation Guardian


At least 59,000 meat workers caught COVID and 269 died, report says CBS

Coronavirus infections at U.S. meat plants far higher than previous estimates -House subcommittee Reuters

Deadly US Sanctions Are Exacerbating the Pandemic Globally Truthout

U.S. war drive

“The Spoils of War”: How Profits Rather Than Empire Define Success for the Pentagon Jon Schwarz


Weapons execs lament losses from Afghanistan exit, tout DOD budget increase Eli Clifton

Raytheon’s CEO says Congress’s military allotment is more ‘aligned’ with the company’s business interests.

Ecuadorians take the streets against president Lasso’s government Peoples Dispatch


US expels China Telecom in latest cold war move Morning Star

Moscow Outraged After German Defense Minister Advocates ‘First Use’ Nuke Policy Against Russia Tyler Durden

Serial Rapist CIA Agent Arrested After Naked Woman Seen Screaming for Help from Balcony

26 billionaires had as much as the world’s bottom 50% RWER

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