Wednesday’s news links – Oct. 27, 2021

Russell “Maroon” Shoatz, right, is pictured after his release from solitary confinement.
Photo: Abolitionist Law Center

Former Black Panther Russell “Maroon” Shoatz Freed From Prison After 49 Years Truthout

David Gilbert Granted Parole After 40 Years In Prison KPIX

A Civil Rights Pioneer Seeks to Have Her Record Cleared NYTimes

Claudette Colvin refused to give up her bus seat to a white woman in Montgomery, Ala., in March 1955, nine months before Rosa Parks. Now 82, she says that justice from the court system is overdue.

Kyle Rittenhouse judge Bruce Schroeder says men shot are ‘rioters,’ ‘looters,’ but not ‘victims’ Washington Post

Puerto Rican Electrical Workers Union Fights Privatization of Island’s Grid Labor Notes


Workers Are Furious. Their Unions Are Scrambling to Catch Up Time

McDonald’s Workers Join ‘Striketober’ and Walk Out Over Sexual Harassment Common Dreams

Survey Shows Broad Support For Worker Strikes HuffPost

NYC’s food delivery workers are organizing for their lives Peoples Dispatch

Registered nurses at Community First Medical Center reach tentative agreement National Nurses United

5,000 Philly Transit Workers Authorize Strike – VCU Health Nurses Walkout – Florida School Bus Drivers Walkout Mike Elk

SEIU workers at U of R, Strong Hospital, issue picket notice

Bomb cyclone tears through California Cal Matters


South Florida protesters unite to free Alex Saab FightBack! News


Black Alliance for Peace & the U.S. Out of Africa Network Stand with the People of Sudan

Deadly US Sanctions Are Exacerbating the Pandemic Globally Margaret Flowers

Biden’s $500m Saudi deal contradicts policy on ‘offensive’ weapons, critics say Guardian


U.S. backs Taiwan re-entering United Nations 50 years after expulsion UPI

Taiwan Has No Right to Join United Nations: China VOA

The US is turning the heat up in tech war with China by trying to control the entire global supply of computer chips Pressenza

China calls on the US to remove its illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe Global Times

Billions of euros to “innovate” the nuclear NATO Manlio Dinucci

How a US government program advocated using nuclear explosions for construction, farming radioactive crops, and blasting holes in the moon Insider

A Global Oil Shortage Is Inevitable OilPrice

France displays Benin’s ‘Abomey Treasures’ for final exhibition ahead of return Washington Post


Patients hospitalized for COVID-19 this year could pay thousands in bills Healthcare Finance

The internet utopia that never was Yasha Levine

These are just a few vignettes from a forgotten history of the internet. As retell them, I think its clear why it never lived up to its democratic promise. It wasn’t created for it—it was created to strengthen the power of America’s Cold War bureaucracy.

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