Monday’s news links – Oct. 25, 2021

Nurses, technicians, clerical workers and custodians at the city’s Mercy Hospital have been on strike for three weeks.

Buffalo Health Care Workers Are on Strike for Better Wages and Patient Safety Truthout

Iowa labor leader says union, non-union workers pressing for better pay, benefits Radio Iowa

Where Did 7 Million Workers Go? The Atlantic

SEPTA workers are gathering to take a strike authorization vote. Commuters are worried. Philadelphia Inquirer

SEPTA rape case is latest in a U.S. pandemic of police lying. There must be consequences Will Bunch, The Inquirer

How the White Press Wrote Off Black America Brent Staples/NYTimes

The white press championed white supremacy – while presenting itself as “fair and objective”

Over Half of Households Are Having Trouble Paying Their Bills Jacobin

How Public Health Took Part in Its Own Downfall Ed Yong

History forgot the 1871 Los Angeles Chinese massacre, but we’ve all been shaped by its violence LATimes


China’s Tests Are No Sputnik Moment Carnegie

America Is Turning Asia Into a Powder Keg – The Perils of a Military-First Approach Foreign Affairs

The U.S. ‘Longer Telegram’ Is Hostile Interventionism in China, Posing as Competition Alastair Crooke

First joint naval patrol by China, Russia in West Pacific is ‘of vital significance’: military experts Global Times

US Green Berets who’ve trained Taiwanese troops explain how they could fight China and why the US keeps their mission secret Insider

China’s Xi vows to bolster ties with North Korea in letter to Kim Korea Times

Imperialist Syndrome

Challenging the diagnosis of ‘Havana Syndrome’ as a novel clinical entity Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

With “Havana Syndrome,” Washington Is Repeating Colin Powell’s Worst Mistake TNR

US Officials Can Guard Against Havana Syndrome With This Innovative Home Solution Caitlin Johnstone

Stocks, profit margins and the economy Michael Roberts

Is Stagflation Here: Comparing The 2020s With The 1970s… Tyler Durden

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