Saturday’s news links – Oct. 23, 2021

Hours Before Fatal Shooting Of IATSE Member, Non-Union Workers Replaced Crew Who Walked Off Set To Protest Working Conditions Labor411

Thirty-one thousand health care workers authorize strike USW

Food Factory Workers Join “Striketober” Food Policy Center

Judge blocks strikers’ rights at Deere plant

Reno Bus Drivers Win 25 Day Strike Payday Report

Foster City workers ready to strike over stall in negotiations

How union organizers are chipping away at Amazon FastCompany

HelloFresh workers across the country, including Aurora, prepare to vote in union elections Colorado Public Radio

The Real Scope of U.S. Worker Strikes, Mapped Bloomberg

Two dozen school bus drivers in southern Maryland. A band of cooks and cashiers at a northern California Jack in the Box. About 10,000 John Deere factory employees in Iowa, Illinois and beyond. Along with thousands of other U.S. workers this month, they’re all fed up enough to strike.

Meet the childcare workers who love their jobs but are quitting over low pay and stressful conditions: ‘I just had reached a tipping point’ Insider

Defund the police

How Do Bad Cops Stay in Power? Just Look at Miami Politico


Covid May Have Killed Over 180 Thousand Health Care Workers, Says WHO Tech Live

Here’s Why Developing Countries Can Make the Top Covid Vaccines NYTimes

Flu shot linked to lower heart attack, stroke risk Harvard Health

Capitalist downturn

Expectations data indicate the US is entering recession about now VoxEU

80 million European households struggle to stay warm. Rising energy costs will make the problem worse CNN Business

California Gasoline Prices Are Spiking OilPrice

The only gas station in Gorda Springs, California, population ~100, is now selling premium gasoline for $8.50 per gallon amid one of the most jarring energy crises in history.

Man Applies to 58 Jobs To Test ‘Labor Shortage’ Theory. Gets Only 1 Interview And It’s For A Part-Time Job Paying Minimum Wage Labor411

Oath Keepers in the State House: How a Militia Movement Took Root in the Republican Mainstream ProPublica

Record high migrant detentions at US-Mexico border BBC

The Big Lie in Rahm Emanuel’s Senate Testimony Yesterday RSN

A Palestinian boy sits on a chair with a national flag as Israeli authorities demolish a school site in the village of Yatta, south of the West Bank city of Hebron on July 11, 2018.


Israel Condemned for Designating Palestinian Human Rights Groups ‘Terrorist Organizations’ Common Dreams


Biden’s China Ambassador Pick Says Beijing Is “Greatest Threat” To US & The “Democratic World” Dave DeCamp

No need to #FreeTibet – Tibet is already free


Labour union stages rallies, strikes in South Korea Straits Times

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