Wednesday’s news links – Oct. 20, 2021

Members of the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union, a KCTU affiliate, gather in front of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Sejong City, South Korea, on June 23, 2021, to demand improved working conditions and expand public health care. Photo: KCTU

Half a Million South Korean Workers Prepare to Walk Off Jobs in General Strike Truthout

Pfizer profits

Exposed: How Pfizer Exploits Secretive Vaccine Contracts to Strong-Arm Governments Common Dreams

In secret coronavirus vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hard line in push for profit, report says Washington Post

Brazilian lawmakers abruptly withdrew a plan to charge Bolsonaro with mass homicide and genocide over COVID-19 deaths Insider


‘People are fed up’: Dollar General workers push to unionize amid hostility from above Guardian

A $2.1 Billion Pandemic Lifeline for Undocumented Workers Runs Out NYTimes

Flight attendants at Piedmont Airlines are in the final days of a strike vote Philadelphia Inquirer

In North Carolina, poultry workers are quitting in large numbers after an unknown chemical was introduced at their plant The Counter

ILWU Profile: Marcus McDade, Working on Oakland’s Waterfront Oakland Post

Oakland’s longshore and dock workers are the frontline essential workers for economic pandemic relief and supply-chain restoration.

Stopping pipelines

I Was Targeted Under Louisiana’s Felony Trespassing Law for Reporting on Police Working for a Pipeline Company DeSmog

Im/migrants and refugees

Trump’s Pentagon Chief Quashed Idea to Send 250,000 Troops to the Border NYTimes

‘Open door to NATO’ for Georgia, Ukraine as Pentagon chief Austin visits eastern Europe Washington Times

Iranian supertanker departing from Venezuela to transport heavy oil Reuters

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