Monday’s news links – Oct. 18, 2021

A protester holds an anti-LUMA at a march against the energy company in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Friday, October 15, 2021. Photo: Carlos Berríos Polanco

Puerto Ricans March Down ‘Las Américas’ Freeway to Protest LUMA Energy Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco

IATSE Deal Could Be Rejected by Members: ‘Our Leadership Let Us Down’ Variety

Many members of IATSE say they will vote against ratifying a new contract with the major studios because it does not do enough to address working conditions on set. … A ratification vote will likely not be held for several weeks, as lawyers will have to translate the deal points into contract language. In the meantime, work will proceed as normal on film and TV sets.

A two-tier wage system roiled the auto industry. Workers today say no way NPR

About 1,300 died in NY state prisons in the last decade, research shows USAToday

Revolt at John Deere — Ties to a Radical Past LAWCHA

A Disturbing Timeline Of Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing And Murder Investigation In Georgia NewsOne

“Printing Hate” details U.S. newspapers’ roles in lynchings Axios


Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists Guardian

Declassified documents reveal how in 1965 a shadowy dirty tricks arm of the British Foreign Office incited anti-communist massacres that left up to 3 million dead

Hezbollah commander says far-right Lebanese Forces party tried to incite new civil war The Cradle


mRNA vaccines induce durable immune memory to SARS-CoV-2 and variants of concern Science

French study of over 22m people finds vaccines cut severe Covid risk by 90% Guardian

Walter Rodney’s Lost Book: One Hundred Years of Development in Africa Liberated Texts

“The Battle at Lake Changjin” about the defeat of the US Army is set to become China’s highest grossing film ever Insider

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