Sunday’s news links – Oct. 10, 2021

The U.S. criminal justice system disproportionately hurts Native people Prison Policy

This Monday is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a holiday dedicated to Native American people, their rich histories, and their cultures. Our way of observing the holiday: sending a reminder that Native people are harmed in unique ways by the U.S. criminal justice system.

Bears Ears is back — but don’t celebrate just yet High Country News

Major Insurers Running Billions of Dollars Behind on Payments to Hospitals and Doctors KHN

Private Equity Is Sucking Up More and More Medicare Cash Truthout

Crews Are Abandoned on Ships in Record Numbers Without Pay, Food or a Way Home WSJ

U.S. military GPS jamming tests are putting civilian airliners at risk


Latin American regime change proponents invited to join ‘network of freedom fighters’ in Miami Morning Star

FAR-RIGHT Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez was invited to join other regime change proponents as part of “a network of freedom fighters” at a gathering in Miami on Wednesday.


‘Playing With Fire’: Chinese State Media Claims Deployment of US Troops to Taiwan Might Prompt War Sputnik

The US cannot defend Taiwan, and China knows it Scott Ritter

China’s Xi calls Taiwan’s independence push ‘serious hidden danger’ & promises ‘peaceful reunification’ with self-governed island RT

China’s President Xi Vows “Peaceful Reunification” With Taiwan Amid Heightened Tensions Slate

Trump’s White House counsel called his last-ditch effort to overturn the 2020 election a ‘murder-suicide pact’ and threatened to resign Business Insider

The tangled history of mRNA vaccines Nature

Hundreds of scientists had worked on mRNA vaccines for decades before the coronavirus pandemic brought a breakthrough. … Those experiments were a stepping stone towards two of the most important and profitable vaccines in history: the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines given to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Global sales of these are expected to top US$50 billion in 2021 alone.

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