Tuesday’s news links – Oct. 5, 2021

FARMERSVILLE, CA- 22SEPTEMBER21- United Farm Workers members and supporters rally and march to demand that Governor Newsom sign a bill providing absentee ballots for farmworkers in union elections. Newsom vetoed the bill the same day. Copyright David Bacon

Gov. Newsom Vetoes Union Vote-By-Mail Bill For Farmworkers David Bacon

IATSE Authorizes Strike with ‘Yes’ Votes Totaling 98 Percent Indie Wire

Kellogg workers prepare to strike at midnight after contract negotiations stall KETV

Tesla ordered to pay $137 million over racism in rare verdict Bloomberg

Indigenous peoples

The Forgotten History of Solidarity Between Black and Indigenous Freedom Movements History News

Native Americans: the First and Forgotten Slaves John Stanton

Alabama spends more than a half-million dollars a year on a Confederate memorial. Black historical sites struggle to keep their doors open. Washington Post

Inflation Is Back With a Vengeance in Latin America Nick Corbishley

Pandora papers

Pandora papers just another tool for the West to interfere in developing countries, says Chinese state media boss RT

U.S. Government Provides Another Trove Of Offshore Papers Of People It Dislikes MoA

So there is another ‘leak’ of papers about tax saving offshore investments by people the U.S. doesn’t like. … Another hint that this is all U.S. government filtered propaganda (and blackmail material) comes from the lack of names of U.S. billionaires and corrupt politicians in the provided material.

Who’s Behind the ‘Pandora Papers’ Leaks of Politicians’ Offshore Assets? James Tweedie


Taiwan Informs Australia It’s ‘Preparing For War’ As China Sends Record 52 PLA Jets Toward Island Tyler Durden

A War Film Smashes China’s Holiday Box Office Record, Again Zhang Wanqing

“Lake Changjin” tells the story of Chinese People’s Volunteers soldiers who fought during the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea from 1950-1953.


Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet Cloudflare [for the technical details]

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