Sunday’s news links – Oct. 3, 2021

Washington, D.C., Oct. 2.

‘My body, my choice’: Abortion rights protesters hit US streets France24

About 6,000 Haitians deported in less than two weeks Prensa Latina

San Francisco-Based Veritas Investments Accused of Harassing Renters Capital & Main

My “Wealth Effect Monitor” for the Money-Printer Economy: Holy Moly, October Update Wolf Street

The bottom 50% need not apply. They just get to eat the soaring costs of housing. How the Fed totally blew out the already gigantic wealth disparity during the pandemic.


The 2,000-year-old airborne disease theory that blinded Covid experts The Telegraph

As a result precautions such as wearing masks and better ventilation in public spaces were tragically delayed, says a new report

Julian Assange

What the Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong Consortium News


Iran Says “War With Israel Has Already Begun” Amid Fresh Covert Attacks Tyler Durden


In photos: Mass protests in Brazil demand Bolsonaro’s impeachment Axios


Forbes Reveals Why the US Government Is Trying to Extradite Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Resumen

Alex Saab is “the key that unlocks the Venezuelan monetary mystery—that is, how a country facing sanctions from the US, the UK and the European Union—is still able to export things like gold and oil…and really the only man who can actually explain how the country [Venezuela] survives today,” according to Forbes.


German elections: A hard loss and a triumph Victor Grossman


The Forgotten Holocaust: The 1965-66 Massacre Against Indonesia’s Communists Orinoco Tribune

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