Thursday’s news links – Sept. 30, 2021

Alabama plans to use Covid relief funds to finance prison-building spree Guardian

Despite Biden’s pledge, a private prison is becoming a for-profit immigrant detention center in Pennsylvania Business Insider

‘Fire DeJoy’ Demand Intensifies as 10-Year Plan to Sabotage Postal Service Takes Effect Common Dreams

Instacart Workers Are Asking Users to #DeleteInstacart Vice

One week after details of Trump’s plan to overthrow America were revealed, the press is silent Daily Kos

One week ago, a memo was revealed showing a detailed scheme, prepared at the White House and discussed in the Oval Office, by which the former sitting executive proposed to overturn the results of the election and remain in office indefinitely. That plan wasn’t an argument about the needs of the nation in the midst of some emergency. It didn’t even claim that there was actual fraud in the election. It was simply the step-by-step means by which the electoral votes of multiple states would not be acknowledged.

Rise in New Mexico Earthquakes Likely Triggered by Oil Industry Capital & Main


Cuba has Highest Vaccination Rate in Latin America Kawsachun News

‘Most Americans Today Believe the Stock Market Is Rigged, and They’re Right’ Bloomberg

NYT Runs Interference for Billionaires Who Don’t Want Their Wealth Taxed FAIR

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