Wednesday’s news links – Sept. 29, 2021

Amazon Vs. The Union (Again) Kim Kelly

The violence of the 24-hour workday: fighting racism by fighting exploitation Jihye Song

The existence of the 24-hour-working immigrant underclass drags down the conditions of workers of all races, genders, and class positions across different industries

LAPD’s use of protest dispersal orders soars, with few records justifying actions LA Times

Uncertain Future For NYC’s Program To Bring Dangerous Basement Apartments Up To Code Gothamist

How Milton Friedman Aided and Abetted Segregationists in His Quest to Privatize Public Education INET

An 8-year-old died in a shootout at a football game. Police probably killed her, the prosecutor says. Washington Post


Inequality in Vaccines: The Moral Failure of Capitalism Resumen

How America Dropped to No. 36 The Atlantic

The U.S. has fallen far behind in distributing the vaccines that it pioneered.

The U.S. was arguably more responsible than any other country for the invention, manufacturing, and distribution of the mRNA vaccines. How did the pace-setting effort to vaccinate Americans peter out and leave us behind most of the developed world?… The data point to three key reasons the United States is 36th and falling: It is unusually uninsured, unusually contrarian, and unusually polarized. These are three familiar—even defining—attributes of American life.

A sizable proportion of unvaccinated Americans aren’t unpersuaded and skeptical but rather uninsured and scared. Polling from the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that no group is more likely to reject the vaccines than young Americans without insurance. Members of this group are disproportionately young and low-income and lack easy access to a doctor if something goes wrong. Many of them don’t know that the vaccine is free.


Al-Aqsa: Settlers storm mosque and raise Israeli flags Middle East Eye

Nearly 800 Israeli settlers, accompanied by security officers, broke into the al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem on Monday


How the Pentagon Leaned on Hollywood to Sell the War in Afghanistan MPN

In hundreds of films and TV shows, every single word and image has been closely scrutinized and signed off on by senior military figures, all in an effort to convince viewers into supporting deadly and grossly immoral campaigns around the world.

Afghanistan: Where’s the cash? Eric Margolis

Afghanistan’s US-run government was the world’s largest producer and exporter of opium, morphine, and the end-product, heroin. As it did after first seizing power in the mid-1990’s, Taliban, the Islamic anti-drug and anti-communist movement, is shutting down the Afghan drug trade. Billions worth of heroin, opium and morphine that had been flowing into Central Asia, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Southeast Asia will be sharply reduced. Afghanistan’s drug-based economy is now in dire jeopardy.

War Is a Racket: Ex-State Department Official Matthew Hoh Speaks Out MPN

The U.S. was and is effectively taking part in the established drug trade by backing drug lords in Afghanistan.

Berlin Votes to Expropriate 240K Apartments From Corporate Landlords Common Dreams


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