Friday’s news links – Sept. 24, 2021

Borders, Blackness, and Empire Black Agenda Report

US Diplomat to Haiti Resigns, Citing “Inhumane” Deportations Truthout

Charges of racism swirl as Haitian Americans, allies unite to protest Biden’s border crisis Washington Post

‘Worse than slavery’: Congresswoman Maxine Waters blasts US treatment of Haitian migrants PressTV

Abusing Migrants While on Horseback Fits With the Border Patrol’s Long History of Brutality LA Times

L.A. County sheriff’s unit accused of targeting political enemies, vocal critics LA Times

Gaby Petito: An Analysis on Missing Women teleSUR


HelloFresh Workers Unionize to Improve Brutal Working Conditions Vice

AMPTP Film and Television Negotiations Stalled, Union to Hold Nationwide Strike Authorization Vote IATSE

New York City food delivery workers just won the right to bathroom access on the job after months of organizing and protests Business Insider

Many unvaccinated people are not opposed to getting a shot. The challenge is trying to get it to them. Washington Post

Alex Saab Kidnapping Meant to Stop Food Purchases: Maduro teleSUR

Southern Command and its “Maximum Pressure Plan” against Venezuela Internationalist 360°

How Corporations Won the War on Terror William Hartung

The Fed, interest rates and stagflation Michael Roberts

The Fed reduced its real GDP growth forecast for this year to 5.9% from 7% in its June projection, but raised its forecast for next year to 3.8% from 3.3% in the June projection). More concerning for investment markets and for wage workers, inflation is expected to average 4.2% this year before dropping back to 2.2% next year; and the unemployment rate will stay above pre-pandemic levels this year and next.

Trump coup

Bannon Admits He Spoke With Trump About ‘Killing’ Biden Presidency Ahead of Deadly Capitol Riot Sputnik

Eastman’s six-point memo of instructions for overturning the 2020 election

China declares all crypto-related transactions illegal Business Insider

Germany’s Who With Whom Elections Victor Grossman

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