Thursday’s news links – Sept. 23, 2021

Demonstrators denouncing U.S. immigration policies against Haitians in a rally at Grand Army Plaza on Sep. 21. Photo: Anne Pruden/Haiti Liberté

Demonstrations Condemn U.S. Round-Ups and Deportations of Haitians in Texas Haiti Liberte

Haitian migrant border crisis sparks protests and charges of racism Washington Post

In Targeting Haitians, Biden May Execute the Largest Mass Expulsion of Asylum-Seekers in Recent History The Intercept

US border guards’ treatment of Haitians described as manhunt Prensa Latina

Number of Immigrants Detained by ICE Has Increased 70 Percent Under Biden Truthout

Biden administration to reopen migrant detention camp near Guantánamo Bay prison Guardian

DHS seeks contractor to run migrant detention facility at Gitmo, guards who speak Haitian Creole NBC

Center for Constitutional Rights to President Biden: If You Attempt to Warehouse Haitian Refugees at Guantánamo We Will Sue

Police and prisons

Disturbing Bystander Video Shows Cops Stand By as Dog Mauls Black Man Daily Beast

Death toll in infamous New York prison reaches 11 this year as crisis spirals Peoples Dispatch

Gay Man Dies at Rikers While Held Under $1 Bail; Family Seeks Answers Advocate


Only half of the people who lost jobs during COVID are going back to work Business Insider

Buffalo Nurses Vote to Strike Over Chronic Short Staffing Labor Press

$3.5 Trillion Is Not a Lot of Money NY Magazine

[In terms of] immediate, single-year fiscal cost … the Democrats’ reconciliation package isn’t a $3.5 trillion bill; it’s a $350 billion one. [single-year fiscal cost is how the media usually report on budget items, like the Pentagon budget]

U.S. war drive

AUKUS – A dangerous military escalation of the New Cold War

China and Zimbabwe

US plan to discredit Chinese investments unmasked Zimbabwe Herald

The United States is sponsoring a strategy to undermine Chinese investments in Zimbabwe by smearing the Asian giant’s companies as engaging in widespread labor malpractices, as well as violation of human, community and environmental rights, among other ills, The Herald has learnt. The strategy is part of an intricate plan, also involving some European and Nordic countries, to discredit Chinese businesses through disinformation, lies and sensationalism in the independent media and social platforms.

European energy crisis

IEA Demands Russia Deliver More Gas To A Reeling Europe Tyler Durden

The European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global OilPrice

A history of the Marxists Internet Archive Red Pepper

At the New York Times, a new revelation about Trump’s attempted coup isn’t worth mentioning Press Watch

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