Wednesday’s news links – Sept. 22, 2021

In Targeting Haitians, Biden May Execute the Largest Mass Expulsion of Asylum-Seekers in Recent History Internationalist 360°

Migrants Fear for Their Children Internationalist 360°

Massive, Illegal Expulsion of Migrants from US Internationalist 360°

Before Gabby Petito, Hundreds Of Indigenous Girls Went Missing In Wyoming To Little Media Attention NewsOne

When McDonalds Came to Denmark Matt Bruenig

Every few months, a prominent person or publication points out that McDonalds workers in Denmark receive $22 per hour, 6 weeks of vacation, and sick pay. This compensation comes on top of the general slate of social benefits in Denmark, which includes child allowances, health care, child care, paid leave, retirement, and education through college, among other things. In these discussions, relatively little is said about how this all came to be. This is sad because it’s a good story and because the story provides a good window into why Nordic labor markets are the way they are.

Memo Uncovered Showing Trump’s 6-Step Plan for Pence to Overturn the Election Truthout

An IATSE Strike Would Shut Down Film and TV Production Coast to Coast Variety

U.S. war drive

French Defenсe Minister Says US Instigating Confrontation With China Sputnik

USAF Reveals It Has Five New B-21 Strat Bombers in Production, Not Two as Originally Reported Sputnik


Zapatistas ‘Chiapas on the Verge of Civil War’


MSM loves to blow up any tiny problem in China into an existential crisis. No, the country’s not facing a ‘Lehman Brothers moment RT

US encircling China on multiple new Cold War fronts Asia Times

The War Nerd: Taiwan — The Thucydides Trapper Who Cried Woof Gary Brecher

With Clinton lawyer charged, the Russiagate scam is now indicted Aaron Maté

Floods Have Swamped the US. The Next Health Problem: Mold Wired


Covid-19 origins: Chinese study uncovers over 140 bat coronaviruses but says none linked to pandemic South China Morning Post

Gilgamesh Dream Tablet to be formally handed back to Iraq Guardian

Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity Science Daily

The ‘carbohydrate insulin model’ explains obesity as a metabolic disorder driven by what we eat, rather than how much.

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