Tuesday’s news links – Sept. 21, 2021

The government is setting hard-hit Americans up for disaster by forcing them to pay back unemployment benefits Business Insider

Homeland security officials will investigate after images show agents on horseback grabbing migrants, Mayorkas says Washington Post

Amazon’s AI Cameras Are Punishing Drivers for Mistakes They Didn’t Make Vice


Spoons become a new symbol of Palestinian freedom Palestine Responds


Rich People Are Leading the Anti-Vaccine Movement — and Experts Have a Theory Why Money

SARS-like viruses may jump from animals to people hundreds of thousands of times a year Science

U.S. war drive

Air Force Secretary Says His Priorities are ‘China, China, and China’ Antiwar.com

Not just about subs, AUKUS expands US military footprint in Australia, too. Responsible Statecraft

This would add to 750 existing American bases abroad, according to a new Quincy study hot off the presses today.

CIA warned about children presence before US deadly drone strike in Kabul last month: Report

Over half of Pentagon spending since FY2001 went to the private sector

As US sanctions loom over Ethiopia, who is the real target? Peoples Dispatch

The Queen’s Gambit Created a Fictional Female Chess Grandmaster. The Soviet Union Created Dozens of Real Ones. Jacobin

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