Friday’s news links – Sept. 17, 2021

The global food price crisis isn’t going away Axios

“Food is more expensive today than it has been for the vast majority of modern recorded history,” said Alistair Smith, senior teaching fellow in global sustainable development at Warwick University

Starbucks Is Waging a Ridiculous, Sinister Union-Busting Campaign Discourse Blog

China says it has fully vaccinated 1 billion people. NYTimes

U.S. war drive

China Accuses US of Intensifying Arms Race by Creating AUKUS Sputnik

EU Not Informed About New US, UK & Australia Alliance, Plans ‘to Assess Implications’ TASS

Fair Competition? U.S. Ruins $90Bn Sale Of French Submarines To Australia SouthFront

In Submarine Deal With Australia, U.S. Counters China but Enrages France NYTimes

War with Russia & China would ‘destroy world’ & America must find ways to make peace with its Eastern rivals, top US general warns RT

Joe Biden’s New World Order The Atlantic

The United States has allied with Britain and Australia to form a new anti-China grouping.

Blinken deletes tweet saying US would ‘stand with people of Hong Kong’, posts watered-down version South China Morning Post

The U.S. Army’s Iron Dome could be headed to Ukraine Politico

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