Thursday’s news links – Sept. 16, 2021

1 in 500 Americans have died of covid-19 since the pandemic began Washington Post

Report: NYC Food Delivery Workers Face Low Pay, High Risks Gothamist

Revolt of the Delivery Workers Grub Street

Indigenous Peoples

Police treatment of Indigenous protesters differs starkly from white protesters, experts say CBC

Probe spurred by Elijah McClain’s death finds Aurora Police ‘racially biased’ TheHill

FDA Says Covid-19 Vaccines Remain Effective Without Boosters WSJ

Big Pharma’s Democrats Andrew Perez, David Sirota, Daily Poster

The three conservative Democratic lawmakers threatening to kill their party’s drug pricing legislation have raked in more than $1.8 million of campaign cash from pharmaceutical industry donors.

Senior Airman Jorge Garcia, 9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit assistant dedicated crew chief, communicates with aircrew while launching a MQ-9 Reaper during Exercise Agile Reaper, on Sept. 15, 2020, at Naval Air Station Point Mugu, Calif. The crew’s patches feature a drone flying over China. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Collette Brooks.


Were the US and China really on the brink of war last October? Responsible Statecraft

Conditions have been primed for conflict for a long time, but things were unusually tense last fall and it wasn’t all about Trump. …

According to SCMP, the rumors of a possible attack had been floating around for a little over a month, based on a September 24 Air Force Magazine report about Agile Reaper, a military exercise held in California from September 3 to 29. The exercise simulated an amphibious assault on an island, but was particularly novel for the way it integrated MQ-9 Reaper drones into its operations, normally utilized for missions like the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, which occurred earlier that year.

“In keeping with the pivot away from the Middle East,” Air Force Magazine reported, “patches on Airmen’s uniforms made for the event feature an MQ-9 superimposed over a red silhouette of China.” An image featuring several airmen donning the specialized patches ran atop the story. Days prior, Stars and Stripes magazine also published an article about Agile Reaper, which paraphrased Lt. Col. Brian Davis as saying that “The Reapers’ capabilities could come in handy in a place such as the South China Sea.”

The patches worn by the airmen caught the attention of state-run Chinese tabloid The Global Times, which published an editorial on September 29 calling their existence and the choice to publish pictures of them “an extremely arrogant provocation,” adding that “the last time the U.S. Air Force put a country on the patch was during the Vietnam War.”

US, UK, Australia announce ‘historic’ military partnership in move likely to anger China South China Morning Post


China Sends Cuba Another 24 Tons of Medical Supplies Kawsachun News

Cuba will reopen to tourists in November – here’s what visitors need to know


Recaptured Palestinian Prisoner Qadri Subjected to Psychological Torture Palestine Chronicle

Climate Change Is the Symptom, Capitalism Is the Problem Countercurrents

A short, sordid history of brands and warfare MR Online

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