Monday’s news links – Sept. 6, 2021

Left to right – Loreen Targos, community activist; Bob Reitman, Chicago Federation of Labor President; Tefere Gebre, AFL-CIO Executive Vice President; Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th Ward Alderman; Don Villar, Secretary Treasure CFL; and Don Woods, President, BCTWG Local 1. In the background is the plant.

Chicago: Hundreds rally for Nabisco strikers FightBack! News

The Biggest Uprising Since the Civil War Happened Here 100 Years Ago The Nation

The Battle of Blair Mountain saw thousands of miners battling cops’ machine guns—and enduring aerial bombardment. Yet today hardly anyone remembers a thing about it.

Turning power back on in parts of Louisiana could take weeks, energy company says Independent

The rightwing US textbooks that teach slavery as ‘black immigration’ Guardian

New Zealand scientists say UK’s ‘awful experiment’ on Covid will threaten the country The Independent

University of Auckland microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles told Newsroom: “The question is, how much worse is Delta going to get?

“They are running a really quite awful experiment.”

Jemma Geoghegan, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Otago, expressed concern that just over half of the UK adult population has been vaccinated and that this could encourage new vaccine resistant variants to be produced.

She told Newsroom: “If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity, you would do exactly what they’re doing.

“You’re basically providing a training ground for the virus to overcome those selection pressures. You’re allowing the virus to continue to spread.

“With this moderately immune population and with the Delta variant that has an R0 that’s estimated to be probably five or six, you need a threshold to be much, much, much higher than they currently have.”

How elite US institutions created Afghanistan’s neoliberal President Ashraf Ghani, who stole $169 million from his country Grayzone

Afghans Reflect On The U.S. Involvement In Their Country NPR

Every person I talked to in Kunar – not all of them – told me majority of them were not Taliban members, but all of them were like, you know, we are happy that [the U.S. military] left because we did not have any positive experience with them.

Coup in Guinea: military arrests president Alpha Conde, dissolves government Peoples Dispatch

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