Friday’s news links – Sept. 3, 2021

Federal Jobless Aid, a Lifeline to Millions, Reaches an End NYTimes

U.S. employers added 235,000 jobs in August, a marked slowdown. NYTimes

Cutting Unemployment Benefits Does Not Increase Employment Big Picture

Report Details Corporate Landlord Gluttony as Millions Face Eviction Common Dreams

Louisiana hurricane

Louisiana Black-out: Not an Act of God, an Act of Entergy Greg Palast

Louisiana probing facility where four nursing home residents died after Ida evacuation TheHill

Hurricane Ida Reversed the Course of the Mississippi River Gizmodo

California wildfires

California’s massive wildfires are doing something no wildfire has ever done before Salon


Are women people? Why the Supreme Court just signed off on a Texas law that denies women’s humanity Salon

Texas High School Suspends Its First Black Principal Over Critical Race Theory Complaints By White Parents NewsOne


What Is The Impact Of Choosing To Remain Unvaccinated Against Covid-19? Ethan Siegel

Delaying or refusing vaccines for non-medical reasons is literally a killer choice.

Mask mandates save lives VoxEU

The emergence of new Covid-19 variants and a highly uneven vaccine rollout have put mask mandates back on the policy agenda. This column presents new evidence that state-level mask mandates reduced new weekly COVID-19 cases, hospital admissions, and deaths significantly in the US. The results imply that 87,000 lives were saved up until 19 December 2020, while an additional 58,000 lives could have been saved if all states had put in place a mandate starting in April 2020. Mask mandates had a greater effect in counties more positively inclined towards mask wearing.

America Desperately Needs a Much Better F.D.A. Farhad Manjoo

Meet The Censored: Ivermectin Critic David Fuller scheerpost


Revealed: Evo & Mexican Air Force Dodged RPG Rocket During 2019 Rescue Kawsachun News

Mikis Theodorakis, ‘Zorba’ Composer and Marxist Rebel, Dies at 96

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