Monday’s news links – August 30, 2021

Hurricane Ida: Black, indigenous and working-class Louisianans can’t afford to leave, corporations raise prices FightBack! News

Ida’s Landfall Imminent, Disaster Expert General Russel Honoré Says Time to Declare Climate Emergency DeSmog

Gulf Coast communities — already contending with Covid-19, racism and lingering damage from last year’s hurricanes — now face added pollution risks from the fossil fuel industry as Hurricane Ida nears amid build-out of gas export and plastic-manufacturing plants.

Nearly 1 million homes along the Gulf Coast might be damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ida Business Insider

Dallas’ Hidden History of Terror Texas Observer

The [book] begins with the bombings. The 1950s terror spree that racist Dallasites unleashed on Black residents who’d dared buy homes in a then-white neighborhood.

Bigler’s Gambit: How the California Gold Fields Gave Rise to Global Anti-Chinese Politics History News Network

Nearly 70 People Arrested for Resisting Line 3 at Rally Outside Minnesota Governor’s Mansion Common Dreams

Minnesota Law Enforcement Shared Intelligence on Protest Organizers With Pipeline Company The Intercept


Is Vaccine Immunity Waning? David Leonhardt

It may not really be waning much — which means universal booster shots may do little good.

Largest real-world study of COVID-19 vaccine safety published Medical Xpress

When the New Covid Surge Struck, Mississippi Was Uniquely Unprepared NYTimes

Exclusive: Chinese leader of WHO-China joint expert team says 2nd-stage probe should focus on earlier suspected cases around the world Global Times

A year and a half after Sweden decided not to lock down, its COVID-19 death rate is up to 10 times higher than its neighbors Business Insider

According to US Supreme Court, Right to Buy an Election More Protected Than Right to Vote in One Common Dreams


How China built the best high-speed rail ever DW


9 family members killed after US strike in residential area of Kabul, eyewitnesses say CNN

Are the Navy SEALs actually awful at their jobs? Washington Post

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