Sunday’s news links – August 29, 2021

Intensifying Hurricane Ida a significant threat to key infrastructure Climate Connections

Ida is forecast to hit the industrial corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, site of three key ports, petrochemical sites, and a nuclear power plant.

As many as 800,000 NYC residents will lose unemployment benefits after labor day

Letter Carrier: Air Quality Is a Union Issue Labor Notes

Flight Attendants’ Hellish Summer: ‘I Don’t Even Feel Like a Human’ NYTimes

Minneapolis high rise window cleaners end strike after winning major gains FightBack!

Xi’s leftward shift to a socialist China is for real MR Online

The Pentagon


How the defense industry helped prolong the war in Afghanistan Responsible Statecraft

US Deploys Mercenaries for Surveillance and Physical Assault of Activists Internationalist 360°

More keeps getting revealed about the contractors from the mysterious mercenary company—or, as we’ve found out, companies—that have shown up in Minneapolis during this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.


10 Images That Illustrate The Shameful Global Vaccine Inequity Nature

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