Friday’s news links – August 27, 2021

How Target Got Cozy With the Cops, Turning Black Neighbors Into Suspects Bloomberg

For decades, Target fostered partnerships with law enforcement unlike those of any other U.S. corporation. It became one of the most influential corporate donors to law enforcement agencies and police foundations, supplying money for cutting-edge technology and equipment. When it developed a network of forensics labs, it made them available to police across the U.S. Starting in the early 2000s, Target developed a program, called Safe City, that poured money into police and sheriff’s departments to install neighborhood surveillance systems and fund equipment. In Minneapolis, Target worked with the City Attorney’s Office to have petty criminals banished from the downtown business district through what are called geographic restriction orders. Eight out of 10 people expelled were Black or American Indian, according to an analysis of city data. In an article last summer, Aren Aizura, a professor who teaches courses on race and gender at the University of Minnesota, wrote that Target’s deep ties to the police made the company “an appropriate outlet for rage.”

California housing department mismanaged COVID-19 funds for the homeless, audit says Los Angeles Times


Alex Saab Breaks Silence on his Kidnapping – Venezuela Will Win Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Details Suffering Caused by US Sanctions in Report to ICC Internationalist 360°


Bottom-Up Labor Solidarity for Palestine Is Growing Labor Notes


Taliban Secures World’s Largest Lithium Deposits After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Tyler Durden

Endless? “Bottom line is that our work is not done in Afghanistan,” Leon Panetta, SecDef and CIA director under President Obama, said on CNN. “We’re going to have to go back in to get ISIS.”

Macarthur Really Did Want to Use Nuclear Weapons to Win the Korean War The National Interest

‘Inflamed’ shows how an unjust world is making us sick MR Online

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