Thursday’s news links – August 26, 2021

Nabisco Strike Spreads To Five States Labor411

Rental aid holdup threatens eviction catastrophe Politico

When Environmental Racism Causes a Hygienic Hell NYTimes

‘We’re Staying’: Line 3 Opponents Camp at Minnesota Capitol to Protest Oil Pipeline Common Dreams

Revolutionary socialism is the primary political ideology of The Red Nation MR Online

What Made the Battle of Blair Mountain the Largest Labor Uprising in American History Smithsonian

‘Like Tuskegee’: Southern Jail Treats COVID With Dangerous, Unproven Drug Ivermectin Daily Beast

Afghan Holocaust – The Awful Truth Versus US Alliance Lies Countercurrents

The Return of the Marines Black Agenda Report

The Disasters in Afghanistan and Haiti Share the Same Twisted Root TNR

China asks WHO to investigate Fort Detrick, UNC bio labs through diplomatic channel Global Times

Coronavirus modifications, undisclosed virus incidents details, close contact with Fort Detrick: Six doubts surround US’ UNC labs Global Times

The rate and the mass of profit Michael Roberts

U.S. Billionaires Got 62 percent Richer During Pandemic. They’re Now Up $1.8 Trillion. Institute for Policy Studies

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