Tuesday’s news links – August 24, 2021

Striking skyscraper window clears on the picket line. Photo: Brad Sigal

Minneapolis high rise window cleaners’ strike continues FightBack! News

A Striking Nabisco Worker Explains Why She and 300 Coworkers Are on Strike in Chicago Jacobin

Workers At Coffee Chain Vote Yes To Unionize Labor411

Houston Police Department Tweets Then Deletes Memorial Of Cops From 1917 Race Massacre NewsOne

How dollar stores scammed America to become worth more than Coca-Cola AV Club

75 FL Doctors Stage Walkout to Showcase Burden of Unvaccinated COVID Patients Truthout

Opinion: As an aerosol scientist, I know schools need masks, HEPA filters and outdoor lunches Denver Post

Being worked to death – a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Globally in 2016, 488 million people were exposed to long working hours (≥55 hours/week). This exposure had 745,194 attributable deaths and 23.3 million DALYs from ischemic heart disease and stroke. These are 4.9% of all deaths and 6.9% of all DALYs from these causes. The Western Pacific, South-East Asia, men, and older people carried higher burdens.

‘Forever war’ benefiting Afghans? Follow the money Asia Times

Whoever bought Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and other US defense stocks made a literal killing

Leaked report of the IPCC reveals that the growth model of capitalism is unsustainable MR Online

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