Monday’s news links – August 23, 2021

Recent Unemployment Cuts Made People Poorer Without Increasing Employment Jacobin

Hundreds clash in Portland as Proud Boys rally descends into violence The Guardian

Flooding in Tennessee destroys rural towns, leaving at least 21 dead, more than 20 missing Tennesseean


Alarmist reporting hides Covid vaccine success Asia Times

The animal origin of SARS-CoV-2 Science

The Wuhan lab leak theory is more about politics than science The Guardian

Too Hot to Work Union of Concerned Scientists

President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, and former Foreign Minister of Peru, Hector Bejar. August 13, 2021. Photo: Agencia Andina


ALBA Movements Issue Alert Over Coup Attempt in Peru Kawsachun News

ALBA Movimientos is issuing an alert of a coup underway against the government of Pedro Castillo in Peru and is calling for international solidarity, saying, the removal of Héctor Bejar from the Foreign Ministry, just two weeks into government, “is a clear sign of the coup in progress in its political & military facet and expresses the linkage of right-wing parties with fascist sectors of the human rights violations [of past decades]”.


‘Hell on earth’: Lebanon unlivable as crisis deepens AFP

Hezbollah arranges Iranian fuel for Lebanon Reuters

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