Sunday’s news links – August 22, 2021

The Hourly Minimum Wage Should Be $26 Common Dreams

Not only did the federal minimum wage not keep pace with productivity growth, it did not even keep pace with inflation.

U.S. defeat in Afghanistan—A contrast with the Soviet experience MR Online

This article originally appeared 3 months ago but we are republishing it again now because we think it remains the best analysis available online about the present situation in Afghanistan. — MROnline

The Crimes of the West in Afghanistan and the Suffering That Remains Common Dreams

Make no mistake, the US military will continue to thrive after Afghanistan Responsible Statecraft

Expect it to shift, not recede from the stage.

View from Iran: US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Reflects A Weakened Empire, w/ Mohammad Marandi

Trump/Miller racism at heart of late evacuation of Afghans, says Pence aide USA Today


Sweden didn’t have a full-scale lockdown and now its Covid death rate is 10 times great than Norway’s BoingBoing


Biden’s Likely Ambassador to China Is Entangled In Tech and Defense Sludge

The Jackson Hole dilemma Michael Roberts

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