Saturday’s news links – August 21, 2021

Dollar stores are booming as shoppers grapple with rising prices Washington Post

Feds Deliberately Targeted BLM Protesters To Disrupt The Movement, A Report Says NPR

Cutoff of Jobless Benefits Is Found to Get Few Back to Work NYTimes

Prematurely ending federal programs had little effect on employment but sharply cut spending, potentially hurting state economies, researchers say.

Why an East Harlem Street Is 31 Degrees Hotter Than Central Park West NYTimes

Maker of Popular Covid Test Told Factory to Destroy Inventory NYTimes


White House backtracks after Biden appears to say US would defend Taiwan against China Guardian

Iran, China to Cooperate on Regional Stabilization Sputnik

Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC’s centenary proves a success MR Online

Will the Next American War Be with China? New Yorker


The War In Afghanistan Cost America $300 Million Per Day For 20 Years, With Big Bills Yet To Come Forbes

White Feminists Wanted to Invade. Afghan women never asked for US air strikes. Rafia Zakaria, The Nation

WikiLeaks & the Crimes of the West in Afghanistan Fabian Scheidler

US Cable: Sweden wanted to bomb #Afghanistan in order to ‘enhance the marketability’ of their new Gripen fighter jets

America’s New War in Afghanistan? New Phase Could Include Drone Strikes, Sanctions and Support For Anti-Taliban Insurgents Military Watch Magazine

“Antiwar Sentiment in the Military Is Stronger Than Ever.” Jacobin

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