Thursday’s news links – August 19, 2021

Workers Who Make Oreos, Ritz, And Chips Ahoy Go On Strike Over 12 Hour Shifts With No Overtime Labor411

Minneapolis high rise window cleaners begin strike FightBack!

Massachusetts Nurse Strikers Aren’t Blinking Labor Notes

The rightwing US textbooks that teach slavery as ‘black immigration’ Guardian

Majority of Democratic voters now prefer socialism to capitalism, poll finds Ron Blitzer


The Haiti Earthquake and its Invisibilities Resumen


Afghanistan: It Was Not for Democracy, or the Burqa. It Was for the Oil. Internationalist 360°

“Revelations of Carter’s Former Advisor : ‘Yes, the CIA entered Afghanistan before the Russians…’” (1998) MR Online

“We Are Here Because You Are There”: Viet Thanh Nguyen on How U.S. Foreign Policy Creates Refugees Democracy Now!

Viet Thanh Nguyen on Roots of Anti-Asian Hate from U.S. Colonialism to Anti-China Political Rhetoric Democracy Now!


China calls for curbs on ‘excessive’ income and for the wealthy to give back more to society CNBC

Indigenous Peoples

Deb Haaland: Diversifying the established imperialist order Peoples Anti-Colonial Press


International Experts Confirm Occurrence of Massacres in Bolivia after Coup against Evo Morales (GIEI Report) Orinoco Tribune

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