Tuesday’s news links – August 17, 2021

‘Saigon on Steroids’: The Desperate Rush to Flee Afghanistan Wall Street Journal

Kabul airport descends into chaos as Afghan civilians besiege the terminal and Western countries scramble to evacuate personnel, in a dizzying coda to America’s longest war

Afghanistan: Media Gives Cover to US Troops’ Slaughter of Civilians Fleeing Taliban MPN

Women attend a rally in Kabul in the late 1970s.

Afghanistan’s socialist years: The promising future killed off by U.S. imperialism Peoples World

President Maduro: ‘Afghanistan Speaks Volumes on Decline of U.S. Empire’ Kawsachun News

US Regime Change Creeps Forward in Myanmar NEO

In a much wider, global context, US attempts to destabilize Myanmar by backing the incompetent NUG and triggering protracted armed conflict is aimed at denying the nation as a key partner in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). China has been a key partner in developing Myanmar’s infrastructure including the building of essential bridges and dams, as well as the construction of a now operational pipeline carrying hydrocarbons from ports in Myanmar’s southwest Rakhine state to Yunnan province in China.

US Treasury Imposes New Sanctions on Iran and Cuba Orinoco Tribune

Puerto Rico Independence Supporters March in 9 US Cities Latino Rebels

The First-Ever Colorado River Water Shortage Has Been Declared. What Does That Mean For Colorado? CPR

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