Thursday’s news links – August 12, 2021

‘They rake in profits – everyone else suffers’: US workers lose out as big chicken gets bigger Guardian

After 8 Months, Cities And States Are Still Sitting On Rental Aid HuffPost

NYPD Secretly Spent $159 Million On Surveillance Tech Since 2007 Engadget

Indigenous Peoples

Water Protectors Shut Down Enbridge Line 3 Worksites Aug. 11, 2021

Biden Must Call Off the B-52s Bombing Afghan Cities Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies

Key takeaways from the new IPCC report Bob Henson

Climate change: the fault of humanity? Michael Roberts

We now know that scientists warned of the dangers decades ago. Nuclear physicist Edward Teller warned the oil industry all the way back in 1959 that its product will end up having a catastrophic impact on human civilization. The main fossil fuel companies like Exxon or BP knew what the consequences were, but chose to hide the evidence and do nothing – just like the tobacco companies over smoking. The scientific evidence on carbon emissions damaging the planet, as presented in the IPCC report, is about as inconvertible as smoking in damaging health. And yet little or nothing has been done, because the environment must not stand in the way of profitability.

The culprit is not ‘humanity’ but industrial capitalism and its addiction to fossil fuels.

Siberian wildfires dwarf all others on Earth combined LiveScience

Reckoning of developed nations’ luxury emissions – As extreme weathers hit many parts of the world, some attempt to dump blame on China Global Times

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Constant Speed Wolf Street

Secret IRS Files Reveal How Much the Ultrawealthy Gained by Shaping Trump’s “Big, Beautiful Tax Cut” ProPublica

Marxism resurges among young Chinese after CPC’s centenary proves a success Hu Yuwei and Huang Lanlan


Mississippi’s Largest Hospital Converting Garage to COVID Ward as State Short on ICU Beds Newsweek

What The CDC Isn’t Telling You About Masks Is Terrifying Forbes

So, yes, masks work. But the CDC’s question isn’t a solid defense of its new guidance. If anything, it’s a red herring—a distraction from a far more relevant question about how to end the pandemic. … If we were to follow the CDC’s guidance, and do nothing else, Americans would need to wear masks permanently. That’s because masks won’t end this pandemic. … Today, there is a definitive solution that can end the pandemic. It’s called a vaccine and there are enough doses available to inoculate every eligible American right now.

New Census data to show US diversifying at fastest rate ever The Hill

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