Tuesday’s news links – August 10, 2021

Significant parts of NYC “have lower vaccination rates than Mississippi”

When Money Can’t Buy Shots: New York City’s Vaccine Holdouts Bloomberg

Black New Yorkers are the least vaccinated group, with a 31% participation rate. … Among Black Americans in general, there’s a deep distrust of the government and pharmaceutical companies.

“We’re raised with the skepticism of the government when it comes to vaccines,” said Henry Butler, district manager for the community board in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which at 36% has the second lowest vaccination rate. “As Black Americans we know our history of medical exploitation and disparity of care.” Butler’s district, which according to the U.S. Census, is 72% Black and 15% Hispanic.

‘I’m not gonna get it‘: The fight to vaccinate one of New York’s hardest hit communities Politico

Racism and inequality in American health care are not new phenomena for people of color, especially African Americans. Black and brown people have been dying of Covid-19 at much higher rates than white people, and are now being vaccinated at much lower ones. Just 32 percent of Black city residents are fully vaccinated, the lowest rate of any demographic group.

“I was over it”: A Family Dollar store in Nebraska temporarily closed after all of its workers quit, citing low pay, 11-hour shifts, and short-staffing Business Insider

Alleged Mold Coverup Stains NYCHA-to-RAD Public Housing Move The City

How Washington co-opts Hollywood and the news media Alex Lo, SCMP

Charles Loeb: The Black Reporter Who Exposed an Atomic Bomb Lie NYTimes

After Key Evidence Was Withheld, 2 Men Spent 3 Decades in Prison NYTimes

Tyson Foods, the world’s second-largest meat processor, has already hiked prices as much as 40% – and says there’s more on the way. Business Insider

In its third quarter, which runs to July 3, Tyson Foods hiked up its average price for pork by 39%, beef by 12%, and chicken by 16%, it said Monday. … Companies including Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and Coca-Cola have also announced price hikes to offset rising costs, triggering higher prices at both stores and restaurants.

The Inflation Squeeze Bloomberg

Home rental costs are a particular worry, as Alex Tanzi reported. The median national rent climbed 9.2% in the first half of 2021, according to Apartment List. The real-estate firm says rents are now higher than if they had stayed on their pre-Covid track. Higher rents are the kind of price increase that’s hard to reverse


Biden administration approves first arms sale to Taiwan TheHill

China becoming greener faster than any other country, says BBC Xinhua


Pharmaceutical firms rake in billions with COVID-19 shots AFP

Harrowing New UN Report Finds Humans Are The ‘Unequivocal’ Cause Of Climate Change HuffPost

Sorry, Skeptics: New IPCC Report Provides Unprecedented Clarity About Earth’s Climate Ethan Siegel

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