Sunday’s news links – August 8, 2021

Native American Journalists Association Cites New York Times for Too Many Negative Stereotypes in Portrayal of Indian Country Native New Online

Renters are behind $3,700 in rent, on average CNBC


Thousands rally in Cuba in support of the Revolution Peoples Dispatch

Anti-Cuban maneuver in the Organization of American States defeated Granma

You’ll Probably Get Covid-19 Eventually. But Avoid It for as Long as You Can. TNR

The science is pretty clear: SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay. It will become endemic, which means the virus will continue circulating through humans and animals in the next few years. Elimination, where the virus is almost entirely quashed, is possible, but complete eradication would take a lot of work. In fact, the world has eradicated only one infectious disease among humans: smallpox.

Pfizer and Moderna Mock Biden, Raise Vaccine Prices Matt Stoller

“Socialist Kellogg” factory workers and a delegation of workers from the U.S., Canada, Colombia, Mexico and Tunisia visiting the factory.


Venezuela: Workers take over a Kellogg factory, now known as ‘Socialist Kellogg’ Fight Back News


China’s crackdown on the three mountains Michael Roberts

“China’s successful battle against poverty is a part of its process of socialist construction” Abdul Rahman


Biden Admin Offers Hand Of Friendship To Bolsonaro Brasil Wire

Climate contrarians predicted the world would cool—it didn’t Ars Technica

Engravings on clay tablet confirm Babylonians knew Pythagoras Theorem before the man himself Sandipan Talukdar

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