Saturday’s news links – August 7, 2021

At a Massive Union Rally, the Promise of a Better South In These Times

Striking mine workers in Alabama bring together the whole wide world.

Forget the American Dream – millions of working Americans still can’t afford food and rent The Conversation

For millions of working Americans, being employed doesn’t guarantee a living income.

Glen Ford’s Journalism Fought for Black Liberation and Against Imperialism Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report

Here Come the Robot Nurses Boston Review

Judge grants injunction against [Oklahoma] Gov. Stitt’s order to end extended federal unemployment benefits, orders Stitt to reinstate benefit program


Biden Administration Escalates Airstrikes In Somalia


Latin America’s resurgent left and Caribbean spurn U.S. policy on Cuba Reuters


New metric shows COVID cut average lifespan by nearly a decade in parts of US UCLA

Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse Guardian

A shutdown would have devastating global impacts and must not be allowed to happen, researchers say


Why China is not saying yes – or no – to the German navy’s port call request South China Morning Post

For the first time in nearly two decades, a German warship is heading to the South China Sea. The frigate Bayern left its port in northwestern Germany on Monday on a voyage that is expected to last about six months. According to Germany, the deployment will help enforce the United Nations’ sanctions regime against North Korea, as well as several navy exercises and port visits. .

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