Friday’s news links – Aug. 6, 2021

A retired member of UMWA listens intently to speakers rallying crowd support Brookwood, Alabama, Wednesday, August 4, 2021. Photo: Quez Shipman/100 Days in Appalachia

Alabama Union Miners Enter Fourth Month of Strike, Thousands Rally for Wages and Benefits Quez Shipman/100 Days in Appalachia

As evictions loom, rent is ‘out of reach’ for most low-wage workers across US, report shows ABC News

US ranks last in healthcare among 11 wealthiest countries despite spending most Guardian

Zoos and pets pose same threat for disease ‘spillover’ as wet markets, study suggests The Telegraph


What’s the Difference Between KN95 and KF94 Masks? The Strategist

What’s the Best Way to Store and Protect My COVID Vaccine Card? The Strategist


Don’t Believe All that You Hear—Here’s What’s Really Going On in Cuba Resumen


China Eradicates Absolute Poverty While Billionaires Go for a Joyride to Space Vijay Prashad

Zero possibility! Legal experts involved in the safety certification of the Wuhan virus laboratory refute the “laboratory leak theory” What China Reads

Donziger: Facing Prison for Fighting Chevron Rights Attorney Pays Price for Defending Indigenous in Ecuador Poisoned by Oil Greg Palast

Hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to fight for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen Middle East Eye


Russia and Venezuela to Implement Energy Security Joint Projects Venezuelanalysis

After Just 11 Years in Service, USS Independence Is Taking an Early Retirement Popular Mechanics

Last month, the Navy decommissioned the littoral combat ship USS Independence. Designed for the post-9/11 world, the ship served for less than half of its anticipated lifetime. The service is decommissioning the four oldest littoral combat ships, citing high costs for upgrades.

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