Sunday’s news links – Aug. 1, 2021

Millions of Americans risk eviction as virus cases spike AFP

‘A Devastating Failure’: Eviction Ban Expires as House Goes on Vacation and Biden Refuses to Act Common Dreams

City Hall protest over NYC homeless relocations leads to 11 arrests AMNY

‘We’re not animals, we’re human beings’: US farm workers labor in deadly heat with few protections Guardian

Police shootings continue daily, despite a pandemic, protests and pushes for reform Washington Post

Since 2015, police have fatally shot more than 6,400 people

CDC paper raises alarm on Delta peril LA Times

Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat Nature


U.S. ‘Joint Statement on Cuba’? NNOC answers: ‘Biden’s blockade violates Cuban human rights. End it now.’

Eye-Witness Account of US Attempts to Destabilize Cuba Internationalist 360°

Cuban foreign minister thanks Mexico for solidarity Prensa Latina


NYC/NJ activists picket Port of New York to block Israeli-operated cargo ship Terri Kay


Was Moise killed to stop China’s Belt and Silk Road in the Caribbean? Chris Fry

U.S. Launches Multinational Military Exercise in Kenya Internationalist 360°

The nuclear race accelerates, by Manlio Dinucci


As Delta spreads, Pfizer and Moderna get set for a booster shot to profits Guardian

States with surging COVID-19 rates also tend to have higher rates of uninsured ABC

America Is Getting Unvaccinated People All Wrong Ed Yong

They’re not all anti-vaxxers, and treating them as such is making things worse.

Capitalist crisis

Only the Rich Could Love This Economic Recovery Karen Petrou

The dual explanation of the crisis, the fake social turnaround by governments, the need for radical responses Eric Toussaint, CATDM

Marxists often hesitated at the beginning of the present economic crisis: was it a classic, fundamentally capitalist crisis whose warning signs had already been in evidence or was it a specific crisis resulting from the pandemic? Eric Toussaint: The answer is plain to see: the two explanations are not contradictory. A combination of the two enables us to understand what has been happening right before our eyes.

Pushing for Medicaid expansion and against old Southern political attitudes in the nation’s perennially poorest and unhealthiest state, Mississippi Labor South


Chinese Tech Regulator Clamps Down on Anticompetitive Practices, Breaks Tencent’s Music Deals Sputnik

China Cracks Down On Tech – Its People Benefit MoA

China is gearing up to activate the world’s first ‘clean’ commercial nuclear reactor Ben Turner, Live Science

Washington Relocating from the Middle East to Southeast Asia Salman Rafi Sheikh

Anti-Asian Racism and the 2020 Olympic Games Dave Zirin

Richard Lewontin: the dialectical biologist (1929-2021)

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