Wednesday’s news links – June 30, 2021

Links is going on vacation for the month of July.

Experts Warn Florida Tower Disaster Is Climate Emergency ‘Wake-Up Call’ Common Dreams

Miami condo collapse prompts questions over role of climate change Guardian

Experts suggest vulnerability of south Florida to rising seas could lead to destabilization of further buildings

The connection between clearcut logging and Canada’s hottest day on record The Narwhal

No Indictment for Former Georgia Trooper Who Shot and Killed a Black Motorist NYTimes

Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier (center in hat) marching with other FRG-9 militants through La Saline on Jun. 23, 2021, chanting “The revolution has begun…”


A New Revolutionary Period Takes Shape in Haiti Kim Ives

NATO Threatens Russia in the Black Sea Internationalist 360°

Facts about the U.S. Bombardment on the Syria-Iraq Border Internationalist 360°


Why hasn’t Pedro Castillo been declared the winner of Peru’s presidential elections yet? Peoples Dispatch

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party won the second round of presidential elections but his opponent has refused to concede and the National Jury of Elections (JNE) has not yet proclaimed him as winner.


CIA Director Arrives in Colombia to Lead ‘Sensitive Security Mission’—Venezuela on Alert Orinoco Tribune

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