Saturday’s news links – June 26, 2021

George Floyd’s family warn Chauvin jail term ‘not harsh enough’ AP

Unemployed workers in Maryland file lawsuit against Gov. Hogan’s decision to end federal unemployment benefits Washington Post

U.S. Unemployment Rescue Left at Least 9 Million Without Help Bloomberg

Florida collapse

Florida Condo Collapse: Nobody Told Homeowners that their Building Was Sinking “at an Alarming Rate” Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The other areas in Miami where buildings are at risk of collapse: Map from report that predicted 12-story condo collapse reveals water-logged spots Daily Mail

Blackout Risk And Electricity Prices Are Spiking In California OilPrice

The Development of Robert Moses Counterpunch

If you’ve ever visited Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan, or Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, or Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, or Lake Belmont State Park in Long Island and wondered why these parks, among many others across the New York metropolitan area, all have multi-lane highways thundering through them, spreading noise pollution, in addition to poisoning the air in spaces ostensibly dedicated to distance from such forces, the answer is: because Robert Moses, crusader of “progress, growth and development,” wanted it that way.

Pay More, Get Less: Consumer Income & Spending Chewed Up by Red-Hot Inflation

Supreme Court

Yesterday’s Union-Busting Supreme Court Decision Was a Segregationist Throwback The Nation

The Supreme Court’s radical new union-busting decision, explained. Vox

Workers transformed a McDonald’s in France into a food bank Washington Post

What Has Silicon Valley Done to Our Food? Larissa Zimberoff

Internal Amazon documents shed light on how company pressures out 6% of office workers Seattle Times

Biden Extends Eviction Moratorium for One Last Month as Crisis Looms Truthout

Bolivian Miners Were Killed For Supporting Che Guevara Kawsachun News

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