Thursday’s news links – June 24, 2021

St. Vincent Nurses Strike for Safer Patient Care Reaches 105 Days on Sunday Making it the Second Longest Nurses Strike in Massachusetts History Massachusetts Nurses Association

Court holds that regulation guaranteeing union access to employees is unconstitutional SCOTUSBlog

UN backs Cuba’s demand for U.S. to lift trade embargo CGTN

Seattle teachers union endorses BDS, demands end to police partnership with Israel

Socialist India Walton Pulls Off Historic Upset in Buffalo Mayoral Race Truthout

Covid is already deadlier this year than all of 2020. So why do many in U.S. think the problem’s over? CNBC

US seizes more than 30 websites connected to Iran Cyberscoop

1% own 45% of the world’s personal wealth while nearly 3bn people have little or no wealth at all Michael Roberts

The Prehistory of Private Property Karl Widerquist 

The book, the Prehistory of Private Property by Grant S. McCall and me, examines the origin and development of the private property rights system from prehistory to the present day to debunk three widely accepted false beliefs about the private property system: that inequality is natural, inevitable, or incompatible with freedom; that capitalism is more consistent with negative freedom than any other conceivable economic system; and that there is something “natural” about the private property system.

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