Wednesday’s news links – June 23, 2021

Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride Arrives in Washington, D.C., Raises Awareness for His Release Native News Online

The Teamsters Announce Coordinated Nationwide Project to Unionize Amazon Vice

Amazon’s Greatest Weapon Against Unions: Worker Turnover HuffPost

Websites for PressTV, Two Other Media Outlets ‘Seized by US Government’ Sputnik

US Cyber Command, NSA Undertook Ops Against Iran Prior to US Election – Report Sputnik

Anti-Imperialists Convene in Venezuela for Carabobo Bicentennial Congress Kawsachun News

Bolivian Ex-Minister of Defense Plotted a Second Coup Using U.S. Mercenaries Intercept

U.S. military training document says socialists represent ‘terrorist’ ideology Intercept

A Navy training document asks, “Anarchists, socialists and neo-nazis represent which terrorist ideological category?”

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